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26 Bathrooms

London    &    Oxfordshire

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"If you isolated a bit of your skin and didn't bath it or wash it ever, it would probably be quite effective at self-cleansing. I suspect that bathing isn't terribly good for you." - a Zoological Note from 26 Bathrooms

This is an entertaining short looking at 26 various bathrooms in England, including comments by their inhabitants. It is unmistakingly a Greenaway film. The lighting, water, blinds, structure, symmetry, are all familiar. There's even a clip of Greenaway's 1975 film Water and a passage of that film's music by Max Eastley (this is also featured in the bio of Aptesia Fallarme in The Falls). The main music is by Michael Nyman. The narrator is Geoffrey Palmer, who played Fallast in a A Zed & Two Noughts.

Greenaway on 26 Bathrooms:

"The beginning of a series, a wry consideration of how the English use bathrooms. Eventually there was going to be a half-hour program about living rooms, bedrooms, and so on. It never happened. It was an affectionate, ironical, critical look at bathroom design - what people put in their bathrooms, but also what people do in their bathrooms, which is the secret room of the house, where one becomes metaphorically and literally stripped right down to the basics."

A is for A Bathroom

B is for a Bath

C is for Cleanliness

D is for Dental Hygiene

E is for Exercise in the Bathroom

F is for Fish

G is for a Good Shave

H is for Hi-Tec.

I is for Italians

J is for Jacuzzi

K is for Kira

L is for Lost Soap

M is for Mirrors

N is for Newts

O is for an Open-Air Bath

P is for Public Baths

Q is for a Quiet Smoke

R is for Reading in the Bathroom

S is for the Samuel Beckett Memorial Bathroom

T is for Tiles

U is for an Underused Living Space

V is for Violin Practice

W is for Washing the Dog

X is for an Expert on Bathrooms

Y is for Youthful Exuberance

Z is for a Zoological Note






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