Bird Gaspara Fallicutt

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Bird Gaspara Fallicutt

Bird Gaspara Fallicutt, born Gaspara Gekle, met her husband, Obsian Fallicutt, in the Air Force Cinema at Birdlip near Gloucester, when she was translating the Starfighter 143 flight manual from the VUE language Hapaxlegomena into French. Obsian and Raspara's common interest at that time was not strictly films, but aero engines. 

Man: "The Raven, Kes, The Two-Headed Eagle, Only Angels Have Wings."

Raspara widened Obsian's interest in films, weaned him off documentaries, and introduced him to feature films. But Obsian's enthusiasm remained desultory until he saw The Birds by AJ Hitchcock. 

Man: "Caged Heat, Blackbird..."

Raspara is registered in the VUE Directory as an accredited sufferer of Dreams-of-Water, Category Three, which is usually illustrated by the ripple sequence from Draining Away by Mazy Reynard and Shey Talbot. Raspara's mother drowned in a ship's swimming-pool on a VUE benefit cruise in the Indian Ocean. 

Man: "Sparrows Can't Sing, Wings, Three Days of the Condor..."

Raspara's medical history also makes mention of après radiance, petagium fellitis and haemophilia. She spoke seven minor VUE languages and was generally employed as a linguist and as an interpreter.

Man: "Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, The Owl and the Pussycat..."

In her spare time, she checked foreign-language versions of IRR films and did some unpaid translation work for the VUE Commission.

Man: "Where Eagles Dare, Yellow Canary..."

When her husband, Obsian, became deeply involved in researching the filmic origins of the VUE,
Gaspara became progressively unsympathetic and began to share a great deal of time with the archivist, Algaris Bardin.

Man: "Four Feathers... The Birds..."

She is presently helping him to prepare a French version of his Catalogue of Bird Film Titles.

PA: "Would mister Tulse Luper please pick up a telephone? Thank you."


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