Cathine Fallbutus

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Cathine FallbutusThe Tyddyn-Corn farmhouse

Cathine Fallbutus, after six years of married live in America, had returned to the Lleyn Peninsula and the House of the Two Palms. Now a divorcee with two daughters, she planned to buy a guesthouse and bring up her family in Wales. 

As a child Cathine had known the Tyddyn-Corn Farm, and, half in jest, she had always planned to marry its owner. Now the owner was gone and the farm was empty. Cathine contacted the farm-agents and finding out the highest price so far offered, she bettered it, and in certain anticipation of owning the farm, bought a can of paint called Canary Ochre and painted the front door. Against the white-washed walls, the yellow door could be seen for several miles. The agent gave Cathine the key and with her two children Cathine explored the house, the barns and outbuildings that fronted the Boulder Orchard. 

Leasting Fallvo: "On the eve of the Violent Unknown Event, Cathine and her daughters were at the Tyddyn-Corn farmhouse. In a yard in front of the house, hanging on a washing-line strung between two trees, was a rag, possibly a dish cloth or a floor-cloth. It might have hung there for months. It was grey with age or dirt. Menenome, Cathine's oldest daughter, asked her mother what it was. And Cathine replied that it was a clout. The children were amused at such a dead-sounding monosyllabic word. And their laughter surprised a ewe..."

That night, the VUE struck, maybe in the Boulder Orchard, maybe not. Cathine, the following morning, was found unconscious in bed. The Boulder Orchard became a restricted area and the Tyddyn-Corn farm remained unoccupied for a further six years.

Cathine was registered as a Maudine-speaking young female woman with a passion for symmetry. Her body reabsorbed her breasts and the top digits of all her fingers and toes. Not uninfluenced by her mother, Cathine reverted to her maiden name and legalised Fallbutus as the surname of her children. Adept at all languages, Cathine relearnt Welsh and opened a guesthouse for VUE victims at Aberdaron, living there quietly, patiently rejecting numerous and persistent offers of marriage.


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