The Death of a Composer: Rosa, a Horse Drama (1999)

  1. Anton Webern 1945

  2. Samuel Bucket 1948

  3. Tora Arcadio 1951

  4. Portala Zick 1952

  5. Antonio Marseil 1955

  6. Juan Manuel de Rosa 1957

  7. Erik Butlitzer 1961

  8. Geoffrey Fallthuis 1968

  9. Corntopia Felixchange 1974

  10. John Lennon 1980

Ten composers, starting with Anton Webern in 1945 and finishing with John Lennon in 1980, all died in unusual circumstances. It may be that these ten deaths are related. This is an investigation of composer number six in the list of ten. He was shot dead in Fray Bentos, Uruguay in 1957. His name is Juan Manuel de Rosa. His death is much connected with a large black horse.

This film-opera explores sex, desire, jealousy and death, all lavishly performed on stage. It begins in an abattoir, where composer Rosa is to meet his eventual lover, Esmeralda, but his fixation with her will subside and his attention will be turned to his horse. Esmeralda then paints herself black (to be like the horse) to win back his affection. An extravagant production with music by M is for Man, Music & Mozart's Louis Andriessen.







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