Fountains Abbey & Goole Water Tower

Fountains Abbey

Fountains Abbey near Ripon in Yorkshire is mentioned several times in The Falls, and is featured in biography 77. It is Britain's largest monastic ruin. It was founded in 1132. I visited the Abbey in February 2003. It is an enchanting place and I can now appreciate why Greenaway shot biography 77 there. Being at the Temple of Piety was kind of magical. It is a National Trust site and I highly recommend paying it a visit.

The Temple of PietyWayney (webmaster) at the Temple of Piety

Wayne (webmaster) at Fountains AbbeySarah (webmaster's wife) at Fountains Abbey


Sarah (webmaster's wife) at Goole Water Tower

Goole Water Tower in Humberside is another fascinating structure. It is featured in biography 27. I visited the location returning from the Fountains Abbey trip. It is difficult to get close to as it is near railway lines, dockland and an abattoir. The original brick water-tower, known as 'The Pepper', had become inadequate for the needs of Goole's growing population, and in 1933 a new and larger concrete tower, 'The Salt', was built alongside it. Propine Fallax was the first president of the Goole Water-Tower Film Vault, the home of the VUE Commission's film archive. It is also mentioned in Vertical Features Remake. Peter Greenaway's former wife is from Goole and Greenaway also made a film called Goole by Numbers.


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