Hasp Fallbazz

Duration 2.08

Hasp Fallbazz

The Violent Unknown Event had concentrated most of its vehemence on the head, face and neck of Hasp Fallbazz. Unoperable glaucoma, muscular collapse, and skin discolouration had persuaded Hasp to wear a mask. For the purpose of this film he asked that he might use the face of Jean Paul Marat. He agreed to an interview under conditions of his own choosing.

Bwythan Fallbutus: "Hasp Fallbazz was a U-thalian-speaking convert from Entree. Hasp had made the difficult language conversion from Entree to U-thalian because his interests were mechanical and technological, and Entree had lacked even a word for "wheel". The sketchy introductory nature of that language well deserved its name. As a dreamer of water, category one, flight, it was not lost on Hasp that U-thalian also had 47 different words for water, each one describing it in less than three syllables, and under 14 letters, for various of its states, like its purity, scarcity, temperature, weight, salinity, irridescence, distance from the sea, height above sea, colour, rapidity of movement and its age."

Hasp has respiratory problems, is lame in the left leg and is partly paralysed in the left arm. He has been advised to keep exertion to a minimum, to eat no meat, avoid the dark and stay near water. Catuso Phelpis has said that it is fortunate that Hasp is creatively interested in technology, especially hydraulics, for these irritating prohibitions could be eased to a certain extent by machinery of his own invention.

Hasp's machines, drawings and patents are die-stamped with the emblems of an inverted left-leg, taken, according to H.E. Carter, from the last evidence of the birdman in Breughel's "Death of Icarus". Rapper Begol has stated that after years of experiment, Hasp has made an extravagant claim that he was able to grow bone and manufacture feathers.

He works alone and is financially supported by the WSPB, and by the Kite Association who send him a weekly cheque from the Yellow Bank, a fund financed by the sale of kites in China.


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