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The Falls

The ninety-two people represented in this film all have names that begin with the letters FALL. The names are taken from the latest edition of the Standard Directory published every three years by the Committee investigating the Violent Unknown Event - the VUE for short.

The names are presented in the alphabetical order in which they stand in the Directory and represent a reasonable cross-section of the nineteen million other names that are contained there.

The FALLS is presented in ninety-two different languages of which this is the most recent English version.


Notes: In the opening list of Falls, Antopody Fallbatts' name is spelt Fallbats; Menenome Fallbutus' name is spelt Menemone; Agrimany Fallchester's name is spelt Fallcnester; and Abiothirst Fallthirst replaces Geoffrey Fallthuis. The narrator omits the word 'Standard' from 'Standard Directory'. 

Thanks to Eric Levy for his help.


The Falls