A list of the 92 Lists


92 VUE Victims

92 Villages in Gwynedd

92 Suitcases

92 spam E-mail addresses


92 Films from 1901-1992


92 Football Clubs


92 Atomic Numbers


92 Ian Dury Lyrics

92 French actresses

Vatican pornography

Women who wore red hats

Defeating the purpose of a list

Hysterical hysterectomies

Burnt dog bones

Gentlemen who always dreamed of parrots on a Tuesday night

Gentlemen who always dreamed of parrots on a Tuesday night

Prisons without bars & walls

Stomach parasites



Brick wallpaper in caravans


Intensional entities


Sex & death


Female underwear belonging to famous American film stars

Female underwear belonging to famous American film stars


All the tea in China


Godardian profundities


Pregnant with corpses


Bad spaghetti


Foot and mouth


Bloodied Rumanian needles


Benzodiazepine tranquillisers


Used tampons


The bones of a dead dog called Rita


Fake poems


Avuncular anglophiles


Dog shit


Wet dreams


Red herrings


Platonic lovers


Suckling pigs


Mendelian inheritance


Naughty Surrealists


Cork frogs


Atomic tables


Ships' swimming-pools


Fifty-five horses


Body parts in glass-jars


Tulips from Amsterdam


Poisoned bones


Mascara meltdown


Colonic irrigation


Ameliorated tinnitus


Vagina dentata


Rabbit hutches


French letters


Exquisite corpses


Urine spills


Maps of Herculaneum


Organic phenomena


Shaved pubic hair


Gregorian calendars


Panic attacks


Peace in our Time


Camel toes


Staving off chaos


Lists with only one thing in them


Autopsy rooms


Dogs' coffins


Vaginal orgasms


Violent Unknown Event


Nocturnal enuresis


Evolutionary transition


Priapic frogs


Harmless gossip


Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius


Ayers Rock graffiti


Premature ejaculation


Uninhabited islands


Hollis Frampton


Intimidating chairs


Circumcised penises


Order of things


Aging anti-depressants


Dead gloves


Dark horses


Secret prawns


Basket cases


Smelly genitals


Monkey puzzle trees


Abstract objects


Women who liked cauliflower


Surrealism in film


Missing composers


Luper's Life



92 Lists