The Lleyn Peninsula

The Lleyn Peninsula

The Lleyn Peninsula in Wales is an important location in The Falls. A substantial part of the film was shot there. 

My wife and I visited the Lleyn Peninsula for several days in September 2002 and enjoyed our visit immensely. We stayed in Mynytho, about two miles north of Abersoch. We toured all over the Peninsula and visited Aberdaron, Abersoch, Botwnnog, Pwllheli, and also took the boat trip to Bardsey Island. It is an area of sheer pulchritude.


Notable places

Abersoch - a small rural seaside resort where comfortable parochialism looks after the unfortunate but smothers eccentricity. Afracious Fallows drove a stolen car round the traffic island in the centre of Abersoch until the petrol ran out, or until he was stopped by the police.

* This isn't strictly true. The roundabout is actually in Pwllheli. I confirmed this with the owner of the premises next door to the Mitre Hotel. The photo below was taken at the roundabout. It has changed a bit since 1978-1980.      

The webmaster at the roundabout where Afracious Fallows drove his stolen car round in Pwllheli (not Abersoch)


Boulder Orchard - located near Botwnnog, part of the Tyddyn-Corn Farm. It is recognised as being the geographical epicentre of the VUE in Wales.

* It is now understandable why it is called the Boulder Orchard. The huge stones decorate the woodland.

The webmaster in Botwnnog


Bardsey Island - a small island off the coast of the Lleyn Peninsula that is referred to several times in The Falls. Also, Peter Greenaway is a patron of the Bardsey Island Trust.

* What a mesmeric island. A splendid boat trip from Porth Meudwy. On arrival seals greet you on the rocks. The ancient Abbey. The majestic Lighthouse. The fascinating (and very trusting) ornithology building. This is a haven for twitchers. 


Bardsey IslandThe webmaster at Bardsey Island Lighthouse 






Bardsey Island

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