Loosely Fallbute

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Loosely Fallbute

[Interviewer]: "Did you have any sensation, any clue what had happened?"

The Fallbutes both began to speak Cathanay within twenty-four hours of the Violent Unknown Event.

Loosely Fallbute was employed by an insurance firm to examine the possibility of there being an overall topographical pattern in VUE incidents. Among the many sites receiving her especial attention were:

Number 23, the maternity hospital in the London Goldhawk Road, with special reference to delivery room seven.

Maternity hospital

Number 37, room number three of the Commission's own investigation's library. The room was once the distribution office of a film-production company specialising in ornithological projects.

Room number three of the Commission's own investigation's library

And site number 59, the intersection of Broad Street and the Yarmouth Road, Norwich.

The intersection of Broad Street and the Yarmouth Road, Norwich

Appreciating the value of first-hand accounts in her own research, Loosely was happy to help an investigation organised by the Italian Linguistics Laboratory into the paucity of VUE incidence in France.

Interviewer: "What happened then?"

Astraham, now an authority on the rehabilitation of VUE paraplegics, himself suffered from a partial lumbar paralysis and was keen to take on some of his wife's research on sites where there appeared to have been a high toll of VUE malignancy appearing as muscle collapse or muscle deterioration. As at site number 119, the railway bridge and electricity station at Cloudheath, Suffolk, where Tulse Luper says the information on signboards in the vicinity is significant.

A signboard at Cloudheath, SuffolkA signboard at Cloudheath, Suffolk

And site number 171, at Fountains Abbey near Ripon, Yorkshire, where 310 people complained of sudden and involuntary muscle paralysis which intermittently froze their lower limbs.

Both Astraham and Loosely share certain VUE symptoms suggesting that proximity to a site or another VUE victim might be relevant. Most noticeable in the Fallbute case is the presence of matching skin discolouration.  

Skin discolouration

When the Fallbutes had pulled themselves together they drove on, and at about midnight they arrived in Nevers where a film company was making a film about a holocaust, and the Fallbutes were not surprised to be taken for extras.



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