M is for Man, Music and Mozart (1991)

Mouth, anus, bile duct, bugle, duodenum, a pancreas, a small intestine, appendix, bladder, a rectum, epiglottis, larynx, bronchial tube, a windpipe, arteries, cornea, lip, cheek, breast, a wrist, buttocks, calf, a shin, a nipple, drawers, whore, groin, gentiles, mouthpiece, a stomach, gall bladder, French horn, kidney, colon, addendum, gold, charcoal, hot wax, alcohol, horror, gum, ivory, burning, sulphur, damp dust, fluids, brass pulleys, lenses, black, arse, antiphony, alpha, belly, a spleen, fart, belch, heart, cart, lungs, melody, flute, an oboe, clarinet, cor anglais, cello, harp, cymbal, kettle drum, harpsichord, brass, choir, composer, ensemble, baritone, a piccolo, a recorder, bassoon, a violin, double bass, mandolin, symbol, a triangle, gong, chorus, conductor, a singer, band, sonata, Munster, macaroni, macedoine, machine, a red herring, magus, magma, magnetism, maiden, majolica, malachite, malarkey, malinger, malmsey, maltha, mammon, manatee, mandible, mandragora, manes, manger, mannikin, mars, mantissa, maquette, marcasite, mariolatry, marmoset, mascara, masque, massage, mastiff, matriarch, matricide, maulstick, maw, maze, mausoleum, maxim, macabre, maestro, machiavellian, mackerel, macula, maecenas, maggot, magnesium, magpie, mahout, maize, majuscule, malady, malice, mallet, maladorus, mamilla, manacle, mandarin, mandorla, mandrill, mange, manichean, manna, mantic, manumission, maraschino, marginalia, marinade, marl, marrow, martinet, marzipan, masochism, masquerade, mastic, matador, matins, mattock, maundy

This is an entertaining mix of animation, theatre and dance from Greenaway, accompanied by the music of Dutch composer Louis Andriessen. The film is staged on a set based on a 17th century Theatre of Anatomy. It begins with a woman singing words through the alphabet until the letter M is reached. Having arrived at the letter M, the central letter of the alphabet, the Gods decided to use it to make Man. Parts of the body and words beginning with the letter M are displayed, while the naked, flour white performers assemble the Man. The onscreen text explains that having created Man, it was necessary to give him movement; having given him movement it follows that he should have music; and having invented music, it was necessary to invent Mozart in order to have Perfect Music. The film is not dissimilar to Prospero's Books in the way it is presented and performed. It is a merry, playful and lively piece.  




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