The Falls

The VUE Languages


Abcadefghan - Abcadefghan is often used in the preparation of papers on engineering, metallurgy and radiophonics. 


Agreet - Lacer Fallacet barked in Agreet like a person unwilling to use words.

Allow - Allow is terse and impersonal, full of abbreviations and imperatives as though invented for use on a parade-ground, or at best, for the writing of Instruction-Manuals.




Betelguese - A language of unlimited vocabulary and rapidly changing grammar and syntax. It redevelops and re-aligns itself with a new set of meanings, or becomes entirely obsolete. It is said that Betelgeuse is a little like contemplating a consonant alphabet of two letters after experiencing a vowel alphabet of two hundred.


Capistan - Capistan is a lazy, gentle language, spoken largely from the front of the mouth and requiring unusual amounts of saliva and an above average exposure of the tongue.


Cathaganian - A language that includes 15,000 specialist words that were associated with astro-physics, neurological function and horticultural rarities.


Curdine - Curdine is a cursive language that deliberately fosters ambiguities and encourages punning. Tulse Luper has said that, in the larynx of the right man, Curdine would be a superlative language, an antidote to all the world's feathers.

Entree - A language that even lacks a word for 'wheel'.

Fallaver - Agropio Fallaver alone represented the twenty-second VUE language, although at present, no further facts can be published, broadcast or otherwise used until Agropio Fallaver and his unique language have been totally investigated.

Foreignester - A bastard language self-consciously devised by musicians.



Hapaxlegomena - Bird Gaspara Fallicutt translated the Starfighter 143 Flight-Manual from Hapaxlegomena into French. She is presently helping the IRR archivist, Algaris Bardin, prepare a Hapaxlegomena version of his Catalogue of VUE Pornography. Spoken by Hollis Frampton.

Hartileas B. - Invented by Anteo Fallaspy. Sashio Fallaspy was converted to the use of Hartileas B by her husband and she had certain minor alterations made to her mouth cavities to better accommodate the shrill characteristics of that language. She accepted an invitation to train with the pelagic birds that nested on Bardsey Island off the Lleyn Peninsula. She started singing and shrieking on a boat, when it was attacked by cormorants. It was presumed that Sashio had been practising Hartileas B.

Instantaneious Dekis - A language better spoken with a beak than a mouth.


Itino Re






Mickel-ease - A language full of alliteration and sudden turns of speed, in between while the speaker took prolonged and exaggerated breaths. Waiting for the next syllable in Mickel-ease was like waiting for a child to scream after a fall.


Os-leet-ter - A plain and rhythmic language suitable for the telling of a steady uncluttered narrative.




U-thalian - A language that has 47 different words for water, each one describing, in less than three syllables, and under 14 letters, various of its states, like its purity, its scarcity, its temperature, weight, salinity, irridescence, distance from the sea, height above sea level, colour, rapidity of movement and its age.

Untowards - Spoken with a Yorkshire accent by Edio Fallenby.





The Falls