Wrallis Fallanway 

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Asecretor Fallanway: "Dear sir, In reply to your query about Wrallis Fallanway, my husband was on artificial Lake Eleven early on the morning of June 13th."

In this dry overflow gully, Wrallis Fallanway began his post-VUE life after three hours of artificial resuscitation. His body had been found floating above the weir on the Lake Marmion Complex, Ontario.

The weir on the Lake Marmion Complex, Ontario.

Asecretor Fallanway: "At half past five, he said the lake shook three times, the ripples coming from the edge of the lake and rippling inwards towards the centre, the reverse of what would happen if you threw a stone into the water. I'm not interested in hiding the fact that my husband Wrallis was a naturalised Canadian. He took his Canadian name from the road where we lived at Kashabowie, and the road had been named after Lewis Fallan, the lumberjack. 

Lewis Fallan was a second-generation Patagonian Welshman like Wrallis, and he'd worked for the Goldhawk Company as a topman, and he'd been crushed by a giant redwood, the ones you don't come across anymore on account of them all being pulled down. 

The second time Wrallis felt the lake shake, he fell into the boat and banged his head on a rowlock. When he sat up again he felt sure he'd got something in his eye. He felt sick at the back of his throat and at the back of his nose, and his eyes ran. He was giddy for a long time. 

I learnt from my neighbours that it was common knowledge that Lewis Fallan the lumberjack had been awarded damages for his accident. The Goldhawk Timber and Fisheries Company presented his widow with a certificate and a tray of eagle eggs and they named the road in Kashabowie after him. The road is supposed to be exactly 57 metres long, as long as the redwood that crushed Fallan's chest.

The third time, my husband fell into the lake. His anorak must have trapped some air and kept him afloat because he remembers nothing else. He was picked up by a Goldhawk vessel from the weir where his body had floated about ten o'clock in the morning. He'd been in the water five hours. They gave my husband the day off and said he was lucky that they'd found him. Wrallis became blind two days later and he kept falling over."

Wrallis Fallanway is registered as a middle-aged male man suffering from Ménière's disease, migraine and catharoid apoplexy. His lips grew calloused, his tongue diminished, and a malfunctioning nictating membrane on his left eye operated involuntarily in conditions of bright light, making his vision sparkle with refracted lights.

Asecretor Fallanway: "They sent me a certificate which said that the Goldhawk Fisheries Company named the lake, number eleven lake, after my husband, the Wrallis Fallanway lake and they gave me a case of stuffed fish. They look like flying fish.

Here's hoping my knowledge of my husband's case can help you.

Sincerely yours,

Acecretor Fallanway."


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